Got Dumpling? [Part 1]

China Town in NYC has some of the best places to get authentic Chinese Dumplings outside of China itself. So last weekend we decided to go on an ‘expedition’ to find and taste some of the best dumpling joints NYC has to offer.

We used a list of places that I found on the internet from a dumpling connoisseur and started in lower China Town heading to Tasty Dumpling:


These places are frequented by locals who flock there for cheap eats. To put it into perspective, you can get 5 pork & chive dumplings for $1.25…it’s incredibly cheap, fresh, tasty food! We decided to get a combination of steamed vegetable and fried pork & chive, both delicious:


The next stop was Fried Dumpling which was a really small place and the reviews plastered on the window likened it to one step up from a food cart due to the size of the place and the rate they get the food into the punters hands. We chose pork & chive (this is the most common dumpling flavour) and ventured off the dumpling path and got some fried pork buns:


After this stop we were getting quite stuffed so we decided to take a break and have a wander around China town and take in the hustle & bustle. After getting our appetites back we headed to Prosperity Dumpling and tried their pork & vegetable dumplings…we just got there before this queue developed:


There were still seven more places on our list but we were dumpling’d out so the next time we’re in the neighbourhood we’ll continue the dumpling expedition.

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