Spontaneous Movie Going

I’ve always wanted to walk into a cinema and ask for a ticket to whatever is next to play, it always struck me as a daring way to see a movie you wouldn’t normally chose yourself but the opportunity has never arisen…until a couple of Fridays back.

I’d taken the day off due to some expiring holidays and after heading into the 212 with no plans whatsoever – apart from walking around, getting a coffee and taking in the ‘winterness’ of the city – we were waiting to cross the street in SoHo and on the opposite side of the street was an art-house cinema, the Angelika Film Center:


With no plans and in the middle of the afternoon we bit the bullet, crossed the street and walked in. After scanning the schedule the next movie to show was The Artist which was due to start in 12 minutes. After purchasing the tickets we headed through the attached café which is apparently there for movie-goers to meet up post & pre-film to grab a drink and engage in some Roger Ebert-like discussions.

During the movie you could hear the slight rumble of the subway every so often which added an element of character and was in no way distracting. The movie itself was surprisingly good; a B&W silent (sort of, if you watch it you’ll understand what I mean) film, which was refreshing from all the 3D, mega-budget, CGI spectacles that normally grace the cinema. Check out the trailer below:

We walked out the cinema glad we’d taken the risk and I highly recommend** trying some spontaneous movie going at some point…from my experience it adds some mystery & excitement to a relatively normal encounter.

**Note: It could also go in totally the opposite direction if the next movie to show is some gore-fest or shock-horror movie that’s been banned since 1984…just a warning J

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