Festive Jumper

For the last couple of years I’ve really wanted to purchase a hideous Christmas jumper to wear around the festive period, purely for comical value and to get into the Christmas spirit. However, when I was in the UK the only ones I ever found were obscenely expensive like this Ralph Lauren one.

So imagine my joy when I walk into the Black Friday sale at JC Penney and find this beauty reduced from $79 to $29…I had to refrain from buying more than one (yes, they had a host of colours & designs) and in my opinion I think I chose the most festive of the bunch:


That’s my Christmas day/week attire sorted J And if this post on the Guardians website is anything to go by I’m actually in fashion. Although looking at some of the worst Christmas jumpers available I may need to reassess next year and find a more garish one.


2 thoughts on “Festive Jumper

  1. fletchasketch says:

    Don’t be such a tease, we want to see you wearing it! Merry Christmas to you and Abby x

  2. Rich White says:

    Ha ha – maybe next year 🙂 All the Best for 2012!

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