My ‘virtual’ rig

When I moved over to the US I sold quite a lot of personal belongings due to a) getting rid of stuff I’d collected over the years and realised I’d hardly ever used, and b) electrical items wouldn’t work in the US due to the power differences. One of the items I got rid of was my guitar amp and instead of buying a new one in the US I thought I’d embrace the digital world and get an input device to connect my guitars to a computer.

Needless to say, thorough research commenced and I finally decided on the Apogee Jam which is used with the iPad; the main reason was because it uses the iPad’s digital interface rather than the analog aux port which in turn makes the sound quality far batter and with little to no noise. Here’s a picture of the rig:


Garageband is decent enough software to use as it has a host of virtual instruments and a basic selection of pedals and amp setups. Recording is simple and uses a layered system which in turn makes it easy to edit and modify arrangements. I also downloaded AmpKit which is more guitar focused where you purchase pedals, setups and custom rigs.

Overall, I’m having a lot of fun with this virtual setup and I’ve been impressed with the quality of the Appogee Jam.


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