I highly recommend a visit to Mario Batalis ‘Eataly’ that is located on 5th Ave & 23rd St (just near the Flat Iron building). If you’re a fan of high quality produce and Italian culture then you won’t be disappointed.

The concept is somewhere between a high brow market and a food hall, you can buy the produce to take home or devour it al fresco style in the dedicated area’s around the complex – they sell pretty much everything from gourmet desserts to cured meats to fine wines. So you can grab some antipasti, fresh bread and a couple of glasses of vino and then eat it straight away along with the [100’s of] other people there.


It does get quite crowded so you may be waiting a while to get a table or seat but this gives you good opportunity to wander around and gawk at the produce and the staff prepping said produce (including a vegetable butcher…no, I didn’t make that up).

They also have a rooftop brewery [Birreria] which provides a beer with a Manhattan skyline view…again, queues are usually quite long to get up to the this area but beer is always worth the wait J



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