Hurricane Irene

So, the weekend was spent preparing for and riding out Hurricane Irene as it passed through NYC & NJ. We had the Weather Channel on getting live updates to monitor the situation as the hurricane moved up the East Coast. Our apartment block management did a great job of keeping us updated on the announcements made as the hurricane got closer, the building is on a pier in the Hudson River so we were concerned about flooding as the storm surge moved upriver.

Mid-day on Saturday we were told that our building was under mandatory evacuation for lower level apartments and people had to move out by 4pm, there were several shelters opened up in nearby schools & public buildings. Fortunately we live on the 6th floor, however we still had the dilemma of staying or moving to one of the shelters. We got our overnight bags & some light provisions ready in case we decided to up & move:


Eventually, we decided to stay and ride it out after giving the Hyatt a call [which is on the pier parallel to ours] to see if they were evacuating – they said they weren’t & they were fully booked! Here’s a picture of the weather report on my phone at 8:46pm:


The evening drew in and it started to get stormy around midnight along with plenty of thunder and lightning, we decided to get some shut eye around 2am in case we had to get emergency evac’d. Fortunately the rest of the evening was pretty uneventful as the storm passed through and in the morning it looked to have totally passed us apart from heavy winds.

All in all we were lucky we didn’t get hit hard like some of the East Coast did and it was certainly an experience to see how a big city reacts to impending threats from Mother Nature. Today the sun is shining and it’s a stark comparison to the grim weather on Saturday:



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