I’ve been looking into getting a portable speaker to take on my travels and I finally bit the bullet a few months ago, fuelled by heading on holiday and requiring some sonic textures while relaxing.

I went with the Aluratek Bump in the end due to its relative cheapness (~$20) and the fact it has a built in rechargeable battery which will save on propping up Duracell’s share price with frequent battery purchases J I got it from J&R which is a huge electrical store that covers a whole block of Park Row in downtown NYC (they have 10 doors with access to different specialised departments including cameras, musical instruments etc)

The unit is compact in design but the output is surprisingly loud and decent enough to fill a hotel room or have on as ambiance in an apartment. The battery life states 4hours continuous play but I went away for 7 days and didn’t charge it once albeit I only used it in the mornings and evenings. Overall, solid build quality, sleek design and great output. See the picture below with the bump connected to my Zune HD (which is almost an antique now):


Here’s a link to Amazon if you’re thinking of purchasing one.


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