Subway Series – LETS GO METS!

I had my parents over a few weeks ago so I checked to see what local sporting events were going on while they were in the Big Apple and we were in luck as the Mets were playing the Yankees.

The official title of this showdown is the ‘Subway Series’ due to the subway being the mode of transport used by most fans to get to & from the games; with Queens being the home of the Mets and the Bronx being home of the Yankees.

The game was a cracker, not many runs but some great pitching by both teams and decent field play. It was looking like the Mets were going to lose the game 2-1 until they scored in the 9th inning to take the game to extra innings. The Yankees suffered after that and the Mets started getting runners on base and managed to squeeze a run in to win the game 3-2 in the 10th. Cracking game!


The funny part was lots of Yankees fans left in the 8th inning as they thought they’d sealed the win – a surprise was waiting for them when they checked the final result J



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