Up, Up and Away!

Recently it was my 30th Birthday (yes, I can no longer say I’m in my twenties or tick the 25-29 age range on some forms) and my wonderful girlfriend surprised me with a helicopter tour of Manhattan.

You board downtown just past the Financial District at the Manhattan Heliport. It was my first time in a chopper so the experience was all new to me; you have to provide your weight so they can distribute the load depending on the size of the helicopter. We were in a four seater so it wasn’t too full J 


It was a strange feeling when we set off, hovering to begin with and then ascending at quite a rate, I was surprised how fast we got up above the skyscrapers. 


Governors Island and the Statue of Liberty are the first landmarks you see. Seeing the skyline from that height was something else: 


When you get up to the top of Central Park you bank to turn around and those who may not be fond of heights should probably close their eyes J:


On the way back we flew over our apartment building and I managed to catch this great pic…one for the photo album:


Overall, it was a great experience and certainly a 30th birthday to remember!


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