Last night I went to my first live basketball game; New Jersey Nets vs Orlando Magic. The Nets got owned and the Magic were dropping 3 pointers from all over the court. Due to the snowfall the amount in attendance was affected but it was still a good turn out and they announced that all those with a ticket for the game would get a free ticket to another match due to the bad weather…you can’t complain at that, they certainly know how to keep the fans happy!

The NJ Devils also play at the Prudential Center and it got me thinking how they do the change overs from Ice Rink to Basketball court in less than 24hours, anyway a quick Youtube search brought back this great little time-lapse video showing an arena going from an Ice Rink to a Basketball court, check it out:

I imagine there are different ways of achieving this but I found it interesting.


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One thought on “Go NETS!

  1. brianone1 says:

    Cool video but wouldn’t it be easier to change the rink into a court Thunderbirds style? Flip a switch and the area rotates 180% into the ground?

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