Nice Growler!

No, this post isn’t a reference to the Bo Selecta! sketch for Lorraine Kelly J Out on my travels I learned that a Growler is a container used for storing beer, apparently it’s the noise the bottle makes when you open it. Whole Foods has a section in the beer aisle dedicated for purchasing and topping up your Growler…it’s on my next shopping list so I’ll do another post with first-hand Growler experience!

I also paid a visit to the USS Intrepid which is a Sea, Air & Space Museum on Pier 86 whilst my folks were visiting (hence minimal blog posts) and lo & behold I came across another Growler…this one being a 1950’s cruise missile submarine, talk about chalk & cheese!

P.S. I really recommend visiting the USS Intrepid, very entertaining without being too mundane like some museums.



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