Spotify in the US



We seem to be ahead of the game in the UK when it comes to Spotify as currently the US do not have access to this service.


This posed a hurdle for me as you only have 14 days of access to Spotify when abroad using the Free or Open Spotify service (I had the free service).


Therefore to get around this problem you can sign up for the Premium [£9.99 p/month] OR Unlimited [£4.99 p/month] service as both of these options give you unlimited travel – I chose the Unlimited option as it gave me unlimited access, ad free and unlimited travel J Problem solved!

I chose against the Premium Service as for the extra £5 a month I would only get access to offline playlists (I’m always connected when on my laptop and have my Zune when ‘offline’) and Spotify on your mobile device, however as I can’t get Spotify on my Windows Mobile device it seemed pointless…here’s to Spotify and Windows Mobile launching a client then I would be all over the Premium service!


Here’s a full service comparison for more details which I found useful when making my decision.


UPDATE: Spotify is now available in the US 🙂 

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