Power Adaptors; Oh the Joy!

Now that I’m beginning to settle into life in New York I realise that I’m going to have to be sensible with regards to going out every night as if I’m on holiday, it’s actually quite an interesting feeling to live in such a vibrant city and realise I’m here to do a job as well as other ‘normal’ activities. So I decide to set up some home comforts in the apartment, mainly the Xbox (so I can catch up with the boys back home over a game of Tiger Woods) and the SumiVision HDMI Media connector, however I stumble over an issue of power and the fact that the US runs natively at 110volts whilst the UK powers everything at 220volts – therefore this means that anything that is heavy duty will not work with your standard travel adaptors…hmmmm.
After some research online I find that I need a USA to UK Step Up converter in order to allow me to operate my UK equipment in the US without blowing me/the device/the apartment/the wall up. Below is a picture of such a device which links to Maplins where you can buy them in the UK: 

However, after traipsing around New York thinking “surely somewhere will sell one” I realise I’m out of luck. Although in hindsight I should have done my research prior to arriving in the US the above adapter weighs in at a hefty 1130grams so I certainly wouldn’t have wanted to put that in my hand luggage!


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