Finally in NYC

Wow…what an experience it was moving to New York! Probably the most stressful part of my life (so far!) as there was so much to do in such a short space of time.

Packing the house and minimising my ‘life’ down to two suitcases was a tough but quite refreshing experience, it’s amazing how much stuff you don’t actually need and having only the bare necessities along with a few luxuries (mine being my Xbox and lifelong collection of music) feels like the fat and clutter has been trimmed off which is liberating.

Once I finally got to the airport it felt like Abby & I were on the home straight but we had one final hurdle to get over: after getting to the check in desk for our flight we were duly told after handing our passports over that our seats had not been confirmed by my employees Travel Agency and therefore we had no seats on the Delta flight to NYC…”there must be a mistake” was my response, but the lady on the desk made a quick call and confirmed that we had no seats! So, a quick call to the Emergency Travel number for my employer and all was sorted, booked on a BA flight direct to NYC, phew…off to T5 and to the bar for a couple of well deserved pints.

I slept for pretty much the whole 6 hour flight to New York and once off the plane the immigration was surprisingly easy for my Visa, I had expected some form of interrogation that replicated that of Inglorious Basterds but I only got asked a couple of questions about my employment and work history…Welcome To New York!

Our apartment for the first 2 months is in the pips, two blocks from Times Square…quite a shock to the system when moving from the Berkshire contryside in Binfield but totally expected and very excited about exploring the city!

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